Subordinate Service District (SSD)

The  Big Pine Lake  Subordinate Service District (SSD) was established in 2010 after Crow Wing County (CWC) informed the Big Pine Lake Association (BPLA) that CWC would no longer fund repairs to the Big Pine Lake Rock Dam after the major repair that was completed in 2008.  The SSD resulted in every homeowner with property touching the lake being assessed $200.00 per year.  The funds are held in escrow by CWC to be dispersed as necessary for rock dam repairs at the request of the SSD Board of Directors, which is the same as the BPLA Board of Directors.  Under the terms of the SSD, CWC assumed ownership of the rock dam and the homeowners assumed financial responsibility.  Terms of the SSD also are that the SSD funds may be allocated toward the construction of a more permanent dam in the future.

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