BPLA-Managed Programs

The Big Pine Lake Association (BPLA) manages multiple programs in conjunction with government agencies and non-profits such as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, (DNR) Crow Wing County (CWC), the Crow Wing Soil and Water Conservation District, (SWCD) and the Whitefish Area Property Owners Association (WAPOA).

Programs and activities that BPLA manages in conjunction with the MN DNR include Lake Level Monitoring and permitting for maintenance activities on behalf of CWC.  BPLA also works closely with the Crosslake USACE office to monitor Crosslake Dam outflow rates in order to minimize downstream impacts of high volume outflows following heavy rain events.

BPLA also works closely with CWC, the owner of the Pine River Rock Dam, to ensure that necessary maintenance is completed in as timely manner as possible.  Rock dam bog removal and maintenance monitoring, as well as agency permitting and contractor bidding support are all provided to CWC by BPLA.

Lastly, BPLA organized and partnered with the team of Crow Wing SWCD, the DNR Fisheries Division, and CWC in pursuit of the nearly $400,000 State of Minnesota Conservation Legacy Partners (CPL) grant that was awarded in November, 2016.  The grant funds will be spent on construction of a modern, engineered, water control structure that will replace the nearly 50-year-old Pine River Rock Dam.  The new structure will feature a reinforced rock/earthen dike on the east side and a rock riffle structure toward the west side.  The riffle structure will enable upstream migration of game fish and other fish species into Big Pine Lake.

In addition to working with government agencies, BPLA also works with private industry to source competitive providers of mosquito management services on behalf of all Big Pine Lake property owners and residents.



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