Big Pine Lake - Fishing Tournament

2015 BPLA First-Ever Fishing Contest Results

Results of FIRST EVER Big Pine Lake Family Fishing Tournament!!

Largest Fish Winners:

Wyatt Kittock  (Age 7!)  3.92 lbs.

Billy Werb  2.4 lbs.

Dan Kime  2.07 lbs.

Juniors Total Weight Winners:

Joe Strobel  8.6 lbs.

Riley Aitier  7.3 lbs.

Hannah Kalthoff  2.3 lbs.

Minnows Total Weight Winners:

Braden Nieman 4.9 lbs.

Wyatt Kittock  3.9 lbs.

Mackinley Korchik 0.5 lbs.

Adult Total Weight Winners:

Kirsten Herbst  16.10 lbs.

Brett McClellan  12.1 lbs.

Ron Schaap  6.09 lbs.

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