Bogs at Big Pine Lake

2013 BPLA June Update

June 27, 2013

Our water level is high and we are again experiencing problems with floating cattail bogs.  I have once more received a blanket permit from the DNR allowing any lake property owner to remove bogs so that they don’t float up against our dam and cause problems as they did last year.  Under the conditions of this permit, we may only remove free floating (not rooted) bogs.  Floating bogs should be reattached to the shoreline in a location that is relatively protected from wind (not directly in front of anyone’s property) using stakes to hold them in place, or they can be removed from the water, dried out, and disposed of in an upland site. They become quite light once they have dried out and burn easily.

The Lake Association has purchased several 8 foot stakes for the purpose of reattaching these bogs to the lakeshore and you should have at least 2 stakes in each bog.  You can obtain stakes from the Rudbergs, the Gfroerers, or the Rammers.  If you remove bogs you should have a copy of the permit with you in case you are stopped, as removal of bogs is illegal without a permit.  You may download a copy of the permit from this website or get one from any of the board members; I will also notify our DNR conservation officer that we have been given a blanket permit so that he knows what’s going on.  It is important that these bogs be removed before they reach the dam.  If numerous bogs should be uprooted at once, we will try to get as many people together immediately to help secure them before this happens.  Please notify me if you are willing to be on call to assist with any emergency removal operations.  We do not want to see another $11,000.00 bill for removal of the bogs like we had last year!!!

2013 Bog Removal Permit

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