2017 BPLA Spring Newsletter

2015 BPLA Spring Newsletter

Spring Greetings!

With the last vestiges of winter subsiding, the Big Pine Lake Association (BPLA) Board of Directors wants to encourage all property owners to get involved in summer activities that will get us better acquainted and also to share in the programs and benefits of membership in our Lake Association. This newsletter contains a summary of recent news, current status and future activities that should be of interest to our members and all property owners on Big Pine Lake.

Newsletter Distribution Change: Beginning with this newsletter, distribution will be to BPLA Members only via email. As in the past, we will also continue to post each newsletter on our web site at www.bigpinelake-crosslake.com.   If any Member did not receive this Spring Newsletter directly, please send a request using your email address to dbengtson4@comcast.net. It is imperative that we have your correct email address.

BPLA Membership Changes and Renewals: The BPLA Board of Directors has unanimously approved changing our annual membership period from a calendar year to a more seasonally aligned time period.Beginning May 1, 2015, annual memberships will be effective from May 1 until April 30 the following year and will be referred to by the year in which they began. All 2014 BPLA members effectively received a gratis four month extension to make this time period adjustment. All 2015 memberships will begin on May 1 and expire on April 30, 2016. The price of an annual membership remains $25. Membership renewals for 2015 will be due beginning May 1. Please mail payment to: Big Pine Lake Association, PO Box 756, Crosslake, MN 56442

2015 Mosquito Management Program: We are pleased to announce and offer subscriptions to the BPLA Environmental Mosquito Management (EMM) Program for 2015. This program is sponsored and administered by the BPLA on behalf of its Members at no additional cost beyond the annual program subscription fee. Non-members are also welcome to subscribe for an additional administrative fee of $10.

Highlights of the 2015 Environmental Mosquito Management program include:

  • (9) Truck-based Ultra Low Volume (ULV) treatments along driveways and roads
  • (9) Backpack-based Barrier Control treatments around property perimeter
  • First application commences a week before Memorial Day
  • Clarke will work with the BPLA Board on a holiday-sensitive schedule (subject to weather)
  • Clarke will hold the 2014 price of $55 per treatment per customer ($495 + taxes/season)
  • Seasonal subscriptions MUST be paid to BPLA by May 11 to participate in the 2015 program
  • Send payment to: Big Pine Lake Association, PO Box 756, Crosslake, MN 56442
    • BPLA Members – $529.03 ($495 + 6.875% tax)
    • Non-Members – $539.03 (includes additional $10 administrative fee)
    • NOTE: You may include $25 for a new BPLA Membership or Membership renewal with your EMM subscription for a total of $554.03 ($529.03 + $25)
    • For questions or further information, please contact Ken Ormsbee at (651) 905-5711 or kormsbee@energysystemsgroup.com.

As a data point for those considering participation in the EMM program, we did seek-out pricing from two other firms that perform a service similar to Clarke’s. One firm’s price was $687.00 and the other, $600.00, for only (8) Backpack-based Barrier Control treatments and no ULV treatment at all.

Lake Level Minnesota Program: Big Pine Lake has been accepted into the Lake Level Minnesota Program for 2015. This is a state-managed program in which volunteers and cooperative organizations collect and report lake levels throughout the state. Each spring, MN DNR Waters employees travel throughout the state to reset and survey 1,050 individual lake gauges. These gauges are used to measure the change in water levels throughout the open water season. The measuring gauge for Big Pine Lake will be installed near the dock at 14145 Sugarloaf Road where daily readings will be observed and reported by a Board member. Daily measurements taken during the summer of 2014 have been calibrated by the DNR and accepted for entry into their data base, also. Historical water level data will be extremely useful in designing a new water control structure to replace our current rock dam. To learn more about the Lake Level Minnesota program, please visit the following web address: http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/climate/waterlevels/lakes/index.html

Dam Maintenance: Recent inspections of our rock dam have confirmed the need for both remedial and preventative maintenance actions. Although there have been no high-water events since last summer to cause major damage to the structure, repair of previous erosion to the spillway and west end of the dam is needed. In addition, material fill may be required to reduce leakage through several channels undercutting the eastern half of the structure. Both of these actions will reduce our exposure to very low lake levels without increasing high water level exposure. Lake levels must be low with minimal flow over the dam for these repairs to be made. Up to $20,000 is currently available in the SSD Dam Maintenance account to pay for necessary repairs although a specific cost estimate has not yet been determined.

Social Activities Survey and Plans: There was a 15% response rate to the Social Committee’s activities survey that was sent out with the Holiday Newsletter. The activities that generated the most interest were as follows:

1. Saturday morning coffee and conversations at a member’s lake cabin

2. Fourth of July boat parade

3. Educational presentations by the DNR or other group

4. Beer and horseshoes

After much discussion the Social Committee’s proposed 2015 “Getting to Know You” schedule is as follows:

– Saturday, June 6, 2015: 9:00 – 11:00: Coffee and conversation hosted by Ann and Bill Korchik. 33545 Vista Drive

– Saturday, July 4, 2015: Time TBD: Boat Parade (Planning volunteers are needed!)

– Saturday, August 15, 2015: Pot luck brunch at the Annual Meeting

– Saturday in Sept 2015: TBD

If you are able to help plan the boat parade please contact Ann Korchik at 612-803-4728

Website Changes and Updates: We have recently updated some information on our BPL website and will continue to do so in the future, but in the interest of keeping things simple for visitors, we have not made any major structural changes to the website. As mentioned above, our newsletters and other information of relevance to BPLA members will be posted to the BPL website at www.bigpinelake-crosslake.com.

Treasurer’s Report: The balance of the BPLA operating account as of April 4, 2015 is $7,446.12. The balance of the SSD account for dam maintenance as of January 1, 2015 is $20,042.19.

Membership Drive: A separate mailing is being sent to Big Pine Lake residents who are not currently members of our association, outlining the benefits of membership and encouraging them to become involved in support of our beautiful lake. That mailing will also include an invitation to participate in the 2015 Environmental Mosquito Management Program outlined above.

We look forward to another enjoyable summer on Big Pine Lake with some new social activities to help us all become more acquainted and another Annual Meeting in mid-August. Your ideas and suggestions for making our association more effective and valuable for all members are welcome and will be appreciated. Also important is your involvement in projects, activities and events that will improve our lake-living experience and property values for years to come.

If you haven’t already, please remember to renew your annual BPLA Membership for 2015 which begins May 1.

Have a great summer! We hope to see you at the lake and the Annual Meeting!

The Big Pine Lake Association Board of Directors

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